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Zoom Room Integration

Utelogy has enhanced its management and control platform to extend its integration to enable control and analytics for the popular Zoom Room. With this integration, the technology in meeting rooms can be controlled, monitored and managed through a single touch panel with the familiar Zoom Room interface configured using Utelogy.

Not only can users control the Zoom Room elements which include the conferencing codec, the microphones, camera and display, they can now also control other in-room devices including lighting and occupancy room sensors.

More importantly, for IT support and management teams, these groups can now collect usage data on these rooms and the technology inside them to analyze and intelligently plan technology for the future.

Pictorial Diagram of a Zoom Room Using Utelogy and Logitech Rally

Key Features

  • Expands key features of Zoom Room systems to provide AV system control
  • Delivers a unified AV experience from any control device
  • Integrate all room technology on a single touch panel with the familiar Zoom Room interface
  • Integrate additional room technology for one-button start-up including room occupancy sensors, lighting, shade controls and other devices
  • Gather Zoom Room management, monitoring and analytics data from Utelogy's U-Manage

Sample Utelogy User Interface

Organizations can add logic and management to a Zoom Room in under 5 minutes. The video below provides all the details.

Imagine delivering the collaboration solutions you want to deploy and your people want to use…it’s now possible.

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