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Utelogy Design & Implementation Training—1102T

This 1 day training program is delivered monthly in webinar format.

Course Outline:
This course provides an introduction to designing and implementing Utelogy environments for monitoring and management. After completing this course, attendees should be capable of installing new U-Server instances, building Control Logic Modules (CLM’s/Rooms), as well as modifying and maintaining existing deployments. This course will also be a prerequisite for attendees looking to implement Utelogy-based monitoring and control solutions (1103T,1104T).

Design Engineers, Field Engineers, and Support Technicians who are actively designing, deploying, or supporting Utelogy environments, as well as Sales Engineers engaged in highly technical discussions about the Utelogy platform.

Audience Availability:
Utelogy Customers and Partners
Online attendance – 1 day

Required: Completion of Utelogy Thinkific online training videos (1101T).
Required: A fundamental understanding of AV devices and AV signal distribution.

Course Objectives:

  1. U-Server Installation and Deployment​
    1.  U-Server Overview
    2. U-server System Requirements​
    3. Installation process​
      1. Where do I find the software?​
      2. Where do I find resources and documentation? ​
      3. Understanding the installation environment.​
      4. Where do I find my license keys? ​
      5. Applying license keys to a server.​
      6. Running the U-Server service.​
      7. Where do I see my connected servers?​
  2.  U-Console​
    1. Connecting to a U-Server instance.​
    2. U-Server Setup and Installed Services​
  3.  Exercise 1 – Room Deployment (Standard Monitoring Room)​
    1. Creating and editing locations.
    2. Understanding CLM’s. (System Settings, Timers, and Options)
    3. Adding assets to a CLM using the Global Driver Library.​
    4. Configure an asset. (Driver Properties, Control Links, & Features)
    5. Triggers
    6. CLM cloning, importing and exporting.
    7. Troubleshooting using TechTool & Windows Event Viewer Logs
    8. Dev Tools and Device Driver Requests
    9. U-Server Manager Tools
  4.  U-Computer

System Requirements:Please ensure you have administrator rights to your machine you will be utilizing during training


The Utelogy Platform Training via webinar program is AVIXA certified and participants will receive AVIXA RU Renewal Units for participation as follows:

CTS – 3.5

CTS-D – 3.5

CTS-I – 3.5

ANP – 3.5

For more information on Utelogy AVIXA RUs click here.