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Utelogy Launches a New Generation of Management Portal to Monitor Your Entire AV Infrastructure

U-Manage is the portal that provides enterprise-wide visibility to rooms, equipment, issues, performance, and usage. It tracks all connected devices and delivers insights on those devices and the system as a whole, to enable more informed support and investment decisions to optimize the performance of rooms, real estate, and equipment.

The Utelogy platform is vendor-agnostic to deliver the operational agility necessary for today’s enterprise.
U-Manage allows organizations to centrally manage
its entire AV infrastructure for better efficiency, cost savings and improved up-time.

U-Manage is a hosted service (in Microsoft Azure) that provides a global and federated view on an enterprise with visibility to room and asset usage, status, alerts and performance.

In U-Manage, you can create custom dashboards, configure alert notifications, and store device warranty information, configuration, and firmware files and all system as-built drawings. It is also a repository to back-up room configuration files and data captured by the U-Server.

As a core part of Utelogy’s centralized approach to deploying and managing AV systems, the new features of U-Manage include:

  • Re-designed user-interface and navigation
  • Managed Service Provider portfolio overviews and individual customer views
  • Customized dashboards to display system information in a visual manner
  • Data-filtering by location, date, time and device
  • Extensive report library including asset reports, firmware, warranty, utilization and more
  • Configurable alerts and notifications
  • Rest APIs and data connectors to expedite third party development including BI platforms

A key frustration for organizations has been the lack of data on workspaces and the devices within those spaces. The previous version of U-Manage did a great job alerting when a device in a room was off-line, but these latest enhancements to the portal provide the extraction of actionable data.

The ability to collect data to deliver workplace insights is where the ultimate value lies.  Organizations can now use this information to maximize current technology, real estate and its people, and to intelligently plan for the future.

Now organizations will have the ability to view alerts and usage reports for rooms and all technology, as well as asset details like firmware versions and warranty reports. Most of the monitoring and management platforms on the market can only manage their own equipment. This new functionality provides incredible value for end-users and it opens up new opportunities for integrators and other service providers to offer managed services because you can now monitor legacy control systems.

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