Utelogy Announces Cisco Touch 10 Integration

Utelogy extends its value further into the enterprise when users combine a Cisco Touch 10 panel with Utelogy’s U-Control.

The key benefits to Utelogy’s Cisco Touch 10 integration include:

  • Ability to deliver complete AV system control from the Cisco Touch 10 panel
  • Deliver a seamless AV experience
  • Integrate additional room technology for one-button start-up
  • Gather Cisco Touch 10 management, monitoring and analytics data from Utelogy’s

Utelogy is configured to talk directly to the Cisco device using Cisco’s API.  The Utelogy platform can also be configured to connect to all other devices in the room that you might want to control, including lights and blinds.

Using the Cisco ‘In Rooms Control Editor’, you can add panels and widgets to the Touch 10 User Interface. Utelogy then connects to the Cisco device to respond and provide feedback when the user interacts with these widgets.

How It Works

Using U-Control

Utelogy provides a flexible, feature-proof solution that integrates with the Cisco Touch 10 to deliver easy customization.  This solution enhances the user-experience because all devices can be managed from the control interface while providing analytics and management for all devices.

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