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Utelogy CLI and CLI CoOP Training

Course Outline:
This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of integrating Utelogy with legacy AV control platforms. The CLI and CLI CoOp approaches will both be covered, whether customers are looking to simply utilize Utelogy as the Monitoring platform, or scenarios where the customer would like to use Utelogy for Control, Management, and Monitoring while leveraging their existing hardware. Students will leave this class with a fundamental understanding of these approaches and how to implement this technology.

Audience Availability:
Support technicians who are actively supporting, managing, and maintaining Utelogy environments, Sales Engineers engaged in highly technical discussions about the Utelogy platform, and Senior Design Architects.

Audience Availability:
Utelogy Partners
Online attendance – 2 Hours

Required: Completion of Utelogy Thinkific online training videos. Please contact your sales representative for this.
Required: A comprehensive understanding of traditional control platforms such as Crestron and AMX. 

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