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Utelogy and Adtech Systems Develop Joint Managed Services and AV System Control Solution

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Los Angeles, USA, January 26, 2021 – Utelogy Corporation welcomes Adtech Systems to its team of global Solutions Partners providing managed and professional services. The addition of the Utelogy Software Platform to Adtech’s managed services ecosystem allows Adtech to expand its capabilities by providing IT leaders with actionable analytics and insights into their technology investments with visibility into room usage, digital signage activity, and platform utilization, in addition to expanding on remote device control solutions and 24/7 monitoring.

The combination of both companies’ expertise provides a robust AI-powered managed services platform to support a unique array of environments. The partnership between Utelogy and Adtech also delivers on total collaboration system efficiencies – including lower operating costs, reduced downtime, faster device connectivity, access to actionable business intelligence, and an enhanced user experience.

“This integration with Utelogy allows Adtech to expand its capabilities for providing analytics and insights into room usage and digital signage applications in addition to expanding our device control solutions,” said Dustin Campbell, CEO of Adtech Systems. “This is the latest addition to our portfolio in service of our continued commitment to bring the best collaboration, digital media and managed services to our customers.”

The combined solution is system-agnostic, allowing it to be easily customized and utilized in diverse environments. The Utelogy platform’s open-source architecture and use of Application Program Interfaces (API) supports seamless compatibility with new technologies to continually expand system capabilities.

This openness enables easy integration into solutions like Adtech’s AdtechCare managed services platform. Utelogy’s technology can be applied as a standalone solution or offered as part of an AdtechCare package, helping to further reduce time from failure to resolution and keeping AV systems and teams operating at peak efficiency. Adtech’s AdtechCare platform allows Utelogy to reach a broader range of customers and end-users in North America.

“Our technology collaboration with Adtech extends the capabilities of our platform to a wider audience of professionals working in diverse AV applications,” said Frank Pellkofer, President and Co-Founder at Utelogy. “Working together we can deliver measurable and actionable results including enhanced system performance, deeper analytics and seamless device control.”


About Adtech Systems
Adtech Systems is a global visual collaboration services company that provides managed and professional services, technology solutions, and proactive support for video collaboration, integrated workspaces, and digital signage deployments, to corporate, education, government, and healthcare organizations. For more information visit www.adtechsystems.com.

About Utelogy Corporation
Utelogy Corporation publishes an enterprise-grade software platform for managing and controlling connected workspaces. This hardware-agnostic platform revolutionizes productivity for end-users and enables advanced services for integrators and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California Utelogy’s customers are from the corporate, education and government sectors. For more information, visit https://www.utelogy.com/


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