Utelogy acquires IoT management platform CloudThinQ

Utelogy to provide deeper analytics and insight capabilities in 2022 with the management of IoT based devices

Utelogy acquires CloudthinQUtelogy moves beyond the conference room and acquires CloudThinQ. CloudThinQ is the Seattle-based innovative, provider of IoT and real-time device management for the workplace.

Remote and hybrid workspaces have turned into the “new normal”. Enterprises are transforming their pre-pandemic office spaces into sophisticated collaborative spaces. This means they are enhancing the technology in the conference rooms, collaboration spaces, and revamping the technology throughout the rest of the estate. The management of these new rooms and systems continues to shift from AV-based to IT-focused.
The new year brings with it a lot of exciting opportunities for integrating with a monitoring and management solution for their AV/UC and IoT estate. 2021 was a successful year for Utelogy Corporation, with over 280% growth from 2020. Do to this growth, Utelogy is onboarding top talent and increasing our strategic partnerships. We are excited to announce this acquisition of CloudThinQ. CloudThinQ has developed a cloud-based enterprise IoT platform. This platform intelligently integrates building systems into a flexible and scalable framework for enhanced smart building experiences.
Acquiring CloudThinQ is part of Utelogy’s 2022 mission to deliver even greater insights and analytics to our customers. The “Utelogy beyond the conference room” initiative brings all workplace elements together such as booking, IoT, and BYOD solutions. This provides deeper analytics to better support the ever-growing hybrid workforce.
This strategic acquisition augments the Utelogy platform. Providing innovations that offers significant enhancements for the management and monitoring of the Connected Workplace drives value to a wider cross section of stakeholders.
Read our full press release announcement here: https://www.utelogy.com/utelogy-acquires-cloudthinq/ 

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