USB Device Monitoring

Companies are rapidly moving to Unified Communications (UC) and computer-based collaboration platforms as their technology of choice for meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and other types of workspaces. At the heart of these systems, we find a computer and a growing number of USB peripheral devices that comprise the AV system. The control, automation, management, and tracking of these components is critical to effective deployment and support of these systems.
With the Utelogy platform, and our next generation of U-Computer, deploying and managing these systems is easy.

USB Monitoring with U-Computer

When you deploy U-Computer as part of your UC / computer-based AV system, you can monitor USB peripherals such as cameras, speaker bars, microphones - in fact, you can monitor any USB device. Utelogy approaches USB devices the same as any other AV device you are already managing with Utelogy. By simply adding U-Computer and your USB devices to your Utelogy configuration, your USB devices now become managed assets within the U-Manage portal.

USB Devices are Assets - Track all your USB devices, along with the other devices in each the room. Have visibility into the devices, deployed across your entire AV estate.

USB Device Status and Alerts - Continuously monitor the connection status of your USB devices. If a device should go offline, Utelogy will create an alert in the management dashboard and users can configure notifications to be sent to technicians, etc.

USB Device Reporting and Analytics - USB device information can be consumed by the Utelogy analytics engine to create status, make/model information, firmware versions, warranty, usage, and trend reports.

About U-Computer

U-Computer is a software application that is installed and runs on a PC and turns it into a controllable and manageable device. With U-Computer and the Utelogy platform, you can monitor the health and status of the vital computer at the core of your UC / computer-based room.

With U-Computer, you can even provide control and automation by launching applications, controlling system volume, and much more. You can find more details about U-Computer here.

As part of the need to support USB peripherals and assets, Utelogy has made significant enhancements to the U-Computer component of the platform. U-Computer can act as a proxy for Utelogy drivers, where secure APIs are used, that don’t expose the API outside of the local host. 

In addition, Utelogy now has the ability to monitor generic USB peripherals and assets that don’t have an API, so monitoring and connectivity status of virtually any USB device is supported. 

Remote AV landscape management allows organizations to enable maximum employee productivity and an enhanced user-experience. Using Device Status, Alerts and Notifications help to minimize equipment downtime. 

Typical Use Case

Today, many collaboration spaces / huddle rooms make use of Unified Communications platforms along with USB connected webcams and microphones. These simple devices don’t require a tremendous amount of set-up and can essentially just be plugged into the room system and they’re ready to go. However, as simple as they are to connect, they are just as simple to disconnect. It’s not uncommon to walk into a room, start your meeting, and only then discover you have an issue with the web camera. 

Organizations that add U-Computer and USB devices to their Utelogy configurations can now manage those assets within the U-Manage portal. The Utelogy management platform allows organizations to remotely manage up-time of devices to ensure maximum productivity and an optimized user-experience. With Device Status and Alerts, notifications can be sent to technicians as soon as the device has an issue. This should lead to faster issue resolution and reduced impact to meetings, delivering a better user experience.

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