Tech Initiative Video–Cisco SX

Technology Initiatives are produced by our development and highlight what new and interesting products and features the team is working on.

Video by Utelogy Device Driver Software Developer Trevor Pearce.

The Utelogy platform, along with this driver, gives users the ability to control Cisco SX Series units and get call quality feedback from the Video (VTC) and Audio (ATC) type connections. This will give you data throughput information. Imagine having the ability to set call quality thresholds and configure alerts to tell you when the call quality deteriorates. Imagine having the ability to manage video network capacity – MCU’s, licenses, ports etc. – in real time and for different business units across your network to help uncover issues.

Historical trends give you an idea of when your peak times are in certain geographical areas and how to avoid call outages because you’ve reached capacity. Or more specifically, know how many licenses to purchase in the future.

Real time call quality will also give you a warning of how you can avoid call outages when you can see a concentrated area of bad call quality as it is usually an early indicator before the users start experiencing dropped calls.

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