Supported Devices

Utelogy Certified Devices

The promise of Utelogy is to make deploying ANY room simple. An important ingredient to delivering this promise is the “driver”. The driver is the link between Utelogy and the particular device, hardware or software, that you want to control and monitor.

To streamline your deployment, Utelogy provides an extensive and comprehensive set of “certified” drivers. A Certified Utelogy Driver contains the base requirements for control, asset management, and state information. Each 'device kind', for example, displays or table-top microphones, has minimum requirements, and those requirements are necessary if a driver is to be Utelogy certified. These drivers can be searched and downloaded through your user login to the Utelogy cloud.

The Global Driver Library (GDL), is a repository of pre-created and “certified” drivers. In addition, U-Console, the Utelogy configuration tool, allows you to download and/or update drivers from the GDL in a single, simple operation.

Using existing device drivers makes configuring and deploying rooms simple. Instead of taking time to write drivers, you can tap into the ever-increasing set of drivers in the GDL.