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Open Access College, Sonic Technology,
Cisco and Utelogy talk about the technology leading integration completed at the Open Access College Marden Campus South Australia.

Utelogy is a better user interface for faculty. It doesn’t make them think about the technology. It’s easy-to-use transparency makes faculty secure in the knowledge that they can use the room’s technology and help is there when they need it. As smart classrooms get smarter, they touch the network and IT is dealing with the aftermath of the rapid expansion of these smart classrooms from the last several years. Utelogy’s control and management solution is a non-proprietary, enterprise IT solution that solves that AV problem. We will now host control and help services for every classroom from a server cluster here on the main campus, delivering those services transparently on virtual desktops to the classrooms, allowing faculty to simply teach.

John Wagstaff 

CIO , El Camino College and Board Member CISOA (California Community College Chief Information Systems Officers Association)

Steven Amezcua 

El Camino College

The college was looking at ways we could leverage our existing IT infrastructure. Utelogy’s solution makes the smart classroom technology transparent so faculty can focus on what they do best, and it overlays nicely on our existing IT infrastructure. Utelogy gives everyone peace of mind – faculty because they can just teach, IT because they can embrace the solution as an architecture they know and trust, my team because they can better support the classroom and the faculty.

Howard Story 

Faculty Coordinator, of Media Services and Distance Education for El Camino College and Board Member of DETCHE (Directors Educational Technology California Higher Education)

I decided to upgrade the Proxima projector in H303 to an Epson 6110i (I’ve never been happy with the Proxima). Simply stated, I was able to swap the ceiling-mounted projector AND reconfigure the Utelogy system in 30 minutes flat. In my almost 20 years at the Mount, no swap/reprogram has ever been that easy and quick. And given the fact that I had three room repairs to do & three AV delivery setups to get done by 7am, that made my life a whole lot easier.

Eric Kieselhorst

Director Media Services, at Mount Saint Mary’s College

Do the math, this solution has saved us well over $100,000 from our initial investment. And that’s in 18 months. The typical classroom’s media systems make up the “New Chalkboard” of our times. Unlike many other commercial products that require real programmers to change layout and accommodate changes in equipment, SRJC Media staff can easily do “programming” and changing of technology components in rooms (Projector every 5-6 years) and the required programming and user interface changes are done in minutes in-house – saving the college thousands every year.

Faculty from Santa Rosa consistently rate the Utelogy solution as the easiest and most transparent room control interface they’ve used. These comments are from a user-survey.

“The new dashboard system is AWESOME, 100 x better than the old, very easy to use, and I am not a techie, thank you , thank you, thank you, Susan W.”

“I LOVE the new set-up. Thank you for being so responsive to the needs of instructors. And thanks to the great Media Services folks who are always so gracious.”

“I never saw any training materials (that I recall). Had no problem using it. Much easier.”

“I used the system for the first time on PDA day and had nothing to compare it to but I thought the coaching I got from Ken was perfect and I used several modes successfully switching back and forth…it went well. Thanks!”

“I love the system and not being technologically inclined it was amazingly easy to use.”

Russ Bowden 

Director Media Services, 28,000 student Santa Rosa Junior College

We weren’t just looking for a tool to manage AV assets in all of our instructional spaces, we wanted to be able to improve the efficiency and level of all of our services – from physical environment to health and safety to help-desk and more. To do this we needed a solution that was innovative, extensible, service-oriented, and most critical, understood our approach to IT at CSUMB.

Marc Oehlman 

Acting Associate Director, Center for Academic Technologies (CAT), California State University Monterey Bay