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Future-Proof Your Smart Classrooms

Higher Education uses Utelogy to educate and collaborate wherever their students are.

Coud Connection ImageFor most universities and colleges, the exorbitantly expensive equipment purchased just a few years ago is already obsolete. Nobody is mourning the era of being tied to proprietary AV and IT equipment – they’re just looking for what will work better now.

Whether your school is looking at classroom technology solutions because of campus expansion or to replace a system that’s become too cumbersome to tolerate, you will find that Utelogy’s platform is unlike any other you’ll discover.

See why Utelogy is the choice for Higher Ed IT Executives, Faculty and Academic Technology, and the AV and Media Services department.


[tabs animation=”” orientation=”horizontal”][tab title=”Higher Ed IT Executives” icon=”no” iconsize=”icon-regular”]What’s Important for Higher Ed IT Executives

Executives choose Utelogy because they know it’s technology that was designed for the future. It’s software that allows the organization to leverage its existing investment while controlling costs for the future.

[list_modern animation=”” style=”1″] Travel cost savings by unifying your business world.
[list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Utelogy runs on the computers and equipment you already have.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] It’s software-based so it’s easy and cost-effective to install, configure and manage and doesn’t require any proprietary programming.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Network-smart so you can do anything from anywhere which is the future.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Allows you to leverage the common IT skills already in your organization.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Future friendly platform means no over-engineering today in an attempt to ensure everything that “might” come later will fit.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] It’s easy for faculty to learn and use so they can focus on teaching.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Improved operational efficiencies with analytics for pro-active maintenance.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Remote help-desk tools that make your operations team much more cost-effective.
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CIOs and IT executives are the individual’s who are tasked with developing the vision and strategy for the long-term. Utelogy was designed to control whatever flavor or configuration of equipment is necessary as technology evolves. And when the technology also delivers what faculty need and want, CIOs are willing to invest.

As smart classrooms get smarter, they touch the network and IT is dealing with the aftermath of the rapid expansion of these smart classrooms from the last several years. Utelogy’s control and management solution is a non-proprietary, enterprise IT solution that solves that AV problem.

John Wagstaff, CIO El Camino College and Board Member CISOA (California Community College Chief Information Systems Officers Association)

See how the College of Engineering at the University of Toledo reduced its capital investment and future-proofed its distance learning program at the same time.[/tab] [tab title=”Faculty and Academic Technology” icon=”no” iconsize=”icon-regular”] What’s on your classroom technology wish list?

While most technology solutions come in a rigid take-it-or-leave-it box, it’s not like that with Utelogy. We based our platform not on what’s easiest and most lucrative for us to offer, but on what higher education said they most wanted.

[list_modern animation=”” style=”1″] A system so easy and intuitive to use that training takes minutes rather than days.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Technology that allows instructors to use the room in a way that matches their own teaching style – within seconds.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Faculty wants a uniform look, feel, and operation with the system, no matter which classroom they’re in.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Future friendly platform means no over-engineering today in an attempt to ensure everything that “might” come later will fit.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Real help from people who can solve problems on the spot via video or over the phone – usually within just 2-3 minutes.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Instructors and students should be focused on teaching and learning rather than overcoming technology glitches and workarounds.
[/list_modern_item] [/list_modern]

In a nutshell, they wanted a system instructors could use without thinking about it. They wanted a system that made interactive, collaborative learning easy and flexible.

Find out how faculty at Mount St. Mary’s College make the technology transparent so they can focus on teaching.

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Pushing the Boundaries of Technology on Your Campus

AV has changed. It used to be a completely separate environment from the rest of the network. And if a projector blew a bulb or the faculty member couldn’t get it to come up on the screen, you had to sprint across campus to limit their downtime.

Not anymore. Using Utelogy, you can maximize valuable instructional hours and provide a much better user experience for faculty and students.

With Utelogy, you can:

[list_modern animation=”” style=”1″] Monitor classroom equipment remotely to prepare for repairs and reduce downtime.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Use the system to inventory classroom equipment.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] An easy and consistent interface to teach faculty how to use the technology.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Quality customer service with a remote help desk to so you can solve the majority of problems over the phone in less than a couple of minutes.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] No more wasted time waiting around for someone to come in and provide specialty programming for the hardware. You can now configure and provision when you need to.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Helping instructors and students focus on teaching and learning rather than overcoming technology glitches and workarounds.
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Provide internal equipment usage reports to better plan equipment and budgets.
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The Utelogy platform has been deployed successfully in classrooms all over the country. Want to see how your colleagues have used it?

Click here to see the benefits California State University—East Bay attained when they deployed Utelogy campus-wide to standardize its room configurations.

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