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Utelogy is a flexible single platform solution for Emergency Operations Centers, Conference Rooms, Video Conferencing and Collaboration Systems.

With an integrated IT platform that enables equipment, networks, computers and telecommunications all across one interface, Utelogy provides control and management for:

[list_modern animation=”” style=”1″] Emergency Management Services
[list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Public Utilities
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Government Agencies
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Business Organizations
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Customer Service Centers including those monitoring social networks

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If your organization is tasked with monitoring one or many networks and to ensure high levels of service as well as redundancy, deploying Utelogy’s software defined AV control platform may be just the solution you need.

The Utelogy platform enables you to deliver real-time updates from multiple inputs to several screens and monitors. In addition to monitoring internal and external networks of related infrastructure, the Utelogy platform can also assist in the communication with site technicians to track problems through resolution.

Utelogy is flexible and seamless to deploy so your operation centers can be online in no time using the equipment you already have in your network.

Built on a standards-based open IT environment, you can deploy your communications centers the way you want…without limits.

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