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Professional Services

We are committed to your success.

AV is changing and converging to an integrated IT platform that embodies equipment, networks, computers, telecom and more. The ultimate goal is to align these assets to meet your business needs and the needs of your users.

We provide professional services for this simple reason: to help you make the right choices and assure your success.

Planning & Engineering

Let us help you plan your Utelogy solution. From equipment selection to architecture to implementation, we can make sure you get the most out of your system.

Deployment and Commissioning

The lines are blurred now. Everything is (or is becoming) digital and connected.

Our primary goal is for you to be able to perform this in-house with your own staff. Our mission is for the Utelogy platform to empower and enable your team. However, we know that’s not always possible. Upon launch, we can and will make sure all of your video, voice, data, infrastructure, IT and software systems work together.

We are available to coordinate and plan alongside your team. We’ll deploy with you as onsite training. And if you’re tight on resources or need someone to work alongside your team or integrator, we can be available to help out if needed.

Pedagogical Need Assessments

Teaching and learning with technology has become an accepted and expected practice in today’s institutions of higher learning. There are many different and varied understandings of what teaching and learning with technology is and what it should achieve across the many stakeholders including the executive, faculty, technology support, and students. Translating these terms into actual practice in the classroom can be a challenge and even more challenging is aligning the pedagogic goals with the technology devices and platforms.

At Utelogy, we understand the complexity of the situation and assist higher education institutions in assessing the needs of the parties involved. We look at the following:

  • The pedagogic uses of the learning space by both faculty and students
  • The technology needs of the IT division
  • Expected outcomes desired by the executives​

During the pedagogical assessment, we interview faculty members to assess their technology needs and the educational goals and present them to the technology department as part of a classroom technology plan. This information is then compiled into a classroom technology plan that details the educational goals of the classroom and the technology that supports it, unified through the Utelogy platform.

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