Integrate Enterprise Applications and Devices in a Centralized Platform

U-Server is the backbone of the Utelogy platform. It acts as the processor that allows you to use your own network to deliver AV services, making them simple to use, easy to deploy and secure. Supporting a software-defined approach to AV deployment and management, U-Server enables you to:

  • Centralize your entire AV eco-system for simple deployment and management, flexibility and economies of scale for significant cost savings.
  • Support and integrate any device or piece of equipment into your Utelogy system by adding simply it to the server.
  • Add rooms and AV spaces with integrated management tools that allow you to provision and configure rooms, devices, and user interfaces and seamlessly integrate them together.
  • The multi-tenant U-Server can power hundreds of rooms in a enterprise with support for VM and standard IT infrastructure, while the stand-alone version of U-Server allows you to implement a single room anywhere, even without enterprise LAN connectivity.

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