Schedule Resources Easily and Quickly

U-Schedule enables booking and scheduling of rooms from the room’s control panel or any other device with access to U-Control. Users are able schedule rooms for meetings ahead of time or book a room for ad-hoc meetings, extend or reschedule meetings from any room, from their desk or remotely.

  • U-Schedule works with other Utelogy modules to drive greater efficiency.
  • In-depth analytics and reporting of room usage are provided when U-Schedule is integrated with U-Manage.
  • When integrated with U-Access, resource scheduling can be facilitated for better efficiency and personalization by selecting rooms that best fit the user’s profile and preferences.

Coupled with U-Control, rooms can be pre-configured to the user’s preferences prior to the start of the meeting or class.

Room schedules can be displayed on door marques outside the room.

U-Schedule integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 for enterprise-wide visibility and resource booking.

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