Utelogy U-Manage—A New Generation of Management Portal For Your AV Infrastructure

Centralized and Scalable AV Management

U-Manage provides enterprise-wide visibility to rooms, equipment, issues, performance, and usage. It tracks all connected devices and delivers insights on those devices and the system as a whole, to enable more informed support and investment decisions to optimize the performance of rooms, real estate, and equipment.

The Utelogy platform is vendor-agnostic to deliver the operational agility necessary for today’s enterprise. U-Manage allows organizations to centrally manage its entire AV infrastructure for better efficiency, cost savings and improved up-time.

As a core part of Utelogy’s centralized approach to deploying and managing AV systems, the newest features of U-Manage include:

  • Re-designed user-interface and navigation
  • Managed Service Provider portfolio overviews and individual customer views
  • Customized dashboards to display system information in a visual manner
  • Data-filtering by location, date, time and device
  • Extensive report library including asset reports, firmware, warranty, utilization and more
  • Configurable alerts and notifications
  • Rest APIs and data connectors to expedite third party development including BI platforms

The asset management tools in U-Manage allow tracking of individual devices, including serial number, model, asset tag number, location, install date, service records and warranty information for a full, accurate and current inventory of all of your AV assets.

Analytics delivered through U-Manage provide historical insights on performance and usage of rooms, devices and applications. Metrics are delivered against KPIs like Return on Investment, Total Cost of Ownership and more to optimize your AV investment.

Operational dashboards deliver real-time insights into the operational health of rooms and assets with alerts and usage metrics that enable technicians to take action to keep systems up and running, preventing outages before they happen. Usage reporting also helps drive deployment decisions by identifying under-utilized assets that can be re-deployed to places of need at little to no additional cost.

The API within U-Manage enables easy integration of Utelogy into other systems.

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