Easy, Configurable and Flexible Room Control

U-Control is the interface that delivers Utelogy to your users, enabling them to easily collaborate with a personalized experience. It connects the user to devices and applications to deliver rich and productive collaboration. Built on common web technology standards, U-Control enables ubiquitous access for your users through any web-enabled device with a screen, including any computer, tablet or smart phone.

The intuitive and customizable user interface gives your users the ability to personalize a custom function and look to their specific needs and tastes. This personalization is applied to all rooms or devices the user has access to, regardless of the technology used in each room. Having a consistent and intuitive user interface in every room enables users to comfortably use any room to which they are granted access without going through a learning curve for each room. Users can quickly employ the technology they need to move forward with their meeting or class without delay. Because users are more familiar with the user interface, user errors are reduced which reduces the load on support teams.

When integrated with U-Schedule, U-Control enables users to auto-start meetings and calls, book facilities for ad-hoc meetings, extend or reschedule meetings without having to go back to their desk. Additional efficiencies are gained when users can schedule the room to pre-configure to the user’s preferences prior to commencement of the meeting or class.

Operations Center managers are able to quickly gain analytical insights powered by U-Manage reporting by using U-Control to configure and drive the operation center’s panel of screens for optimal display depending on staffing and situational conditions at the time.

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