An Integrated Suite of Utelogy Tools and Services

U-Console delivers an integrated suite of tools and services that facilitate remote configuration, assessment and trouble-shooting, allowing technicians to support more rooms with greater efficiency. The model-based configuration provided by U-Console makes delivery of friendly and consistent user interfaces easy to deploy and manage…especially over a large campus.

Coupled with U-Manage, U-Console enables technicians to set up and manage any combination of devices and to swap out any of those devices without having to replace an entire room setup. Together, U-Console and U-Manage make deploying the right collaboration technologies easy and cost-efficient.

U-Console’s configuration tool enables configuration of rooms, including all capabilities, devices, automation and the U-Control user interface with no programming required.

  • Set up rooms in minutes.
  • Programmers are not needed to set up a room.
  • Rooms can be modified quickly and cheaply, allowing the room’s capabilities to expand as business needs and technologies advance.

The technician’s tool looks at the room in real time so help desk staff can assess the situation in a room or device. It’s like having a window into the room without having to visit the room. It enables real-time testing and quick troubleshooting so the room can get back online quickly, minimizing lost productivity.

Utilities provide network-level diagnostics and troubleshooting to enable support teams to monitor the entire network and quickly address any issue that arises. Diagnostics can point out problems before they affect a business user, so issues or potential issues can be corrected even before they become a problem.

User guides provide reference help for users and are delivered through U-Control so users can help themselves, alleviating burden on the support team and giving users a feeling of empowerment.

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