Room Ready Functionality to Validate the Connected Devices in Your Workspaces

Utelogy’s U-Manage provides enterprise-wide visibility to rooms, equipment, issues, performance, and usage.  The U-Manage portal already allows operations teams to drill down to see device metrics, documents, and events for all its connected devices. 

U-Automate is the latest functionality added to the platform.  Automation is defined as the use of machines and technology to enable processes to run independently, without manpower.  It is designed to eliminate the costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive manual processes enterprises employ today. 

U-Automate delivers the following features to improve productivity for the IT organization:

  • Build scripts by configuring blocks with the ability to enter custom parameters
  • Test devices, video and audio calls, state checks, custom macros and more
  • Schedule scripts to execute and repeat at any date, time and location
  •  Review test logs to proactively address errors and warnings

Room Readiness Powered By U-Automate

Room Readiness allows organizations to check device connectivity, ensure video and audio are working, and power on (or off) all devices automatically with just a few clicks of a button. Utelogy’s Room Readiness takes advantage of the script building and scheduling features of U-Automate to create and schedule tests to run for any number of rooms at any location(s), any time of day.

Building a Script

The U-Automate script builder allows the user to build simple to comprehensive scripts simply by adding blocks and configuring parameters. Blocks can be edited, deleted, or moved around to change the order or execution.

Users will be able to choose from a number of blocks in the block library to create custom scripts.  For example, to create a ‘Video Audio Call’ block, a user can configure the parameters to set the call number, retry attempts, TX and RX rate minimums, etc.

U-Automate Scheduler

The Scheduler allows an operations team to schedule scripts to execute and repeat at any date and time.  Many users will want to schedule Room Readiness scripts to run during off hours to confirm all rooms and equipment are ready when the day starts.

Users can select all locations and just certain rooms to have a script run daily or just for one-time events.

Test Log

U-Automate delivers test logs to provide insight into all previously scheduled and current scripts to showcase the status of each test.  These tests can identify any errors or warnings and users can review the detail or each test, including pass/fail information as well as specific errors and warnings.

Automation delivers an enhanced user experience and allows organizations to focus their human resources on more strategic, core business activities.

U-Manage notifications alerted me to a device being offline. When I showed up at the customer location before the work day and told them there was an issue in a room, they had no idea. I was able to correct it before being used for the day. Fixed in a matter of minutes and never interrupted operations

Jason Jaworski

Multi-Media and AV Consultant

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