The Utelogy Platform

Control, Monitoring, and Analytics Software for Workspace Management

The Utelogy platform is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use and easy-to-support technology that delivers non-proprietary AV control, management, analytics, support and document storage. Utelogy is a flexible single platform solution for Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, Video Conferencing, Smart Classrooms, Auditoriums, Emergency Operations Centers and anywhere else AV technology is deployed. Utelogy can run on any network and any server, virtual or otherwise.

IT departments look for robustness, performance and scalability to ensure these management platforms enhance productivity with a lower total cost of ownership.

This revolutionary approach eliminates large up-front hardware costs and delivers a superior return on investment. Utelogy makes it easy to deploy meeting spaces and collaboration devices that people enjoy using.

Utelogy delivers strategic benefits so you don’t have to abandon your existing technology investment and have flexibility to make choices in the future.

  • Single platform for control, automation, monitoring and management
  • Open architecture with support for standard web technologies including            Telnet, SSH, HTTP(S), SNMP, ICMP
  • Hardware agnostic with the ability to integrate new devices and new                  protocols
  • Simple configuration as opposed to complex programming
  • Room and device alerts and analytics
  • Ability to automate preventive maintenance
  • Hardware and asset management
  • REST API to integrate to other enterprise systems
  • Data Connectors for BI tools
  • Multiple 3rd party integrations
Utelogy platform overview diagram 2021

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