The Utelogy Platform

Monitoring, Management, Control, Automation, and Analytics Software for Workspace Management

Utelogy Corporation publishes an enterprise-grade software platform for managing, monitoring, controlling, and automating the connected workspace all under a single pane of glass. The Utelogy Platform can report on data, generate alerts, perform automation and self-healing, reduce power consumption, and present deep analytical insights from all devices that have an open and available API, on top of offering non-intrusive, software-only AV and UC control. Being hardware and software agnostic allows the Utelogy Platform to integrate and support products that are connected over the network including AV devices, in-room PCs, IoT devices, Video Codecs, UC Clients, as well as USB peripherals.

Utelogy is a flexible single platform solution for Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, Video Conferencing, Smart Classrooms, Auditoriums, Emergency Operations Centers and anywhere else AV/UC technology is deployed.

IT departments look for robustness, performance and scalability to ensure their management platforms enhance productivity with a lower total cost of ownership.

This revolutionary approach eliminates large up-front hardware costs and delivers a superior return on investment. Utelogy makes it easy to deploy meeting spaces and collaboration devices that people enjoy using.

Utelogy delivers strategic benefits so you don’t have to abandon your existing technology investment and have flexibility to make choices in the future.

  • Single platform for control, automation, monitoring and management
  • Hardware agnostic with the ability to integrate new devices and new protocols
  • Simple configuration as opposed to complex programming
  • Real-time alerts and notifications for rooms and devices
  • Actionable insights
  • Ability to automate preventive maintenance
  • Hardware and asset management
  • REST API to integrate to other enterprise systems
  • Data Connectors for BI tools
  • Currently supporting over 3,000 devices and counting

Learn More about each part of the Utelogy Platform by expanding the options below:

U-Manage Cloud Platform

The Utelogy platform delivers a dashboard and reporting environment in the cloud where users can gather and consolidate data from workspaces across the enterprise to gain actionable intelligence. With U-Manage you and your IT support staff will be able to:

  • Move from a reactive to proactive support model with instant and customizable alerts and notifications
  • Build and customize dashboards and reports to visualize data in the way that works best for your team
  • Build and schedule room readiness testing with Utelogy’s drag-and-drop code-free solution, U-Automate (learn more here)
  • Remotely manage your entire AV/UC estate

Learn More: HERE

U-Enterprise On-Network

U-Enterprise software is the on-network software comprised of a suite of tools and services that facilitate remote configuration, assessment and trouble-shooting, allowing technicians to support more rooms with greater efficiency.

U-Server acts as the control processor between the Utelogy platform and your facility. U-Server allows you to:

  • Centralize your entire AV eco-system.
  • Use your own network to deliver AV services.
  • Power hundreds of rooms or just one.

Learn More: HERE

U-Console + Tech Tool
U-Console’s configuration tool enables configuration of rooms, including all capabilities, devices, automation and the U-Control user interface with no programming required.

  • Set up rooms and devices in minutes, no programming required
  • Rooms and devices can be modified quickly and cheaply, allowing the room’s capabilities to expand as business needs and technologies advance.
  • Using Utelogy's TechTool within U-Console, AV support staff can remotely monitor, troubleshoot, and fix communication issues with all configured devices and features in real time.

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U-Computer Service
A Windows service that runs even when a user is logged out of the machine. Ideal for monitoring meeting room devices such as Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms and PC’s that are used by multiple users (such as lecture theaters and non-VC meeting room PC’s).

U-Computer App
A Windows application that enables more granular control over your PC. Supporting the ability launch/close applications and execute Powershell scripts hosted on the local machine.

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