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MediaStar’s Media Manager Added to Utelogy’s Standards-Based Utelligence Program

Utelogy and MediaStar Systems Deliver Joint Remote Control and AVoIP Content Solutions for Oil Rigs and Offshore Locations

Utelogy + MediaStar

Los Angeles, USA, December 14, 2020 – Utelogy Corporation today announced that it has added Media Manager, the fully integrated content management system developed by MediaStar Systems, to its Utelligence Program. The Utelligence Program is Utelogy’s way of driving the industry to meet a higher level of standards-based security in connectivity and communications for AV and UC devices, offer more robust APIs, as well as improve the user experience by generating meaningful metrics.

“Utelogy’s appeal to the enterprise, actionable intelligence notwithstanding, is its agnostic and standards-based approach to the meeting room and beyond” commented Frank Pellkofer, President and Co-Founder at Utelogy. “MediaStar understands the importance of what we aim to do with the Utelligence Program, and we are pleased to partner with them and acknowledge their commitment to these stringent standards.”

This alliance with Utelogy enables the Utelligence platform to leverage a secure Representational State Transfer (REST) API interface to Media Manager providing status information on the MediaStar AVoIP system and individual devices with asynchronous notification of changes. Utelogy’s specialism in enterprise control dovetails with MediaStar Systems’ expertise in IPTV, streaming and digital signage, allowing both companies to work together to offer an exceptional experience by providing customers with deeper diagnostics for proactive response to potential maintenance requirements. For example, this joint solution has been deployed on oil rigs and offshore drilling locations delivering a flexible and secure method of distributing audio-video over IP (AVOIP) content across a site.

“The secure protocols were designed in collaboration with Utelogy, following our successful deployment of SIPI-based Utelogy drivers for mutual project implementations,” said Vince Schuster, Vice President of Sales for the Americas at MediaStar Systems. “Therefore, it was a natural fit to further our technology alliance.”

The combined technologies of Utelogy and MediaStar deliver total AV system efficiencies for an operation including lower costs, reduced downtime, faster device connectivity, access to actionable business intelligence and an enhanced user experience. These solutions also offer a higher level of security and the ability for IT teams to troubleshoot issues without internet connectivity since these structures are in deep water ocean areas where Wi-Fi is unavailable.

MediaStar solutions deliver IPTV, digital signage and media content over secure IT networks allowing specific, authorized content to be viewed and/or heard by the right audience at the right time, all centrally managed in the Media Manager software platform. Media Manager 10.5 was recently launched, featuring support for H265, HDCP 2.2 Pro and extensive updates for international businesses and entities.

The Utelogy platform’s open-source architecture and use of Application Program Interfaces (API) allows seamless compatibility with new technologies to continually expand system capabilities.


About Utelogy Corporation

Utelogy Corporation publishes an enterprise-grade software platform for managing and controlling connected workspaces. This hardware-agnostic platform revolutionizes productivity for end-users and enables advanced services for integrators and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California Utelogy’s customers are from the corporate, education and government sectors.

For more information, visit https://www.utelogy.com/


About MediaStar Systems 

With decades of experience in developing hardware and software video delivery systems, MediaStar Systems is a leading brand with a wide range of IPTV, IP streaming and digital signage delivery products for new and existing infrastructures.  Providing solutions for live TV, corporate communications, multicasts, music TV, training and digital signage. There are over 4,000 MediaStar Systems installations worldwide and the company sells through partners in EMEA, USA, Asia, Japan, and Asia Pacific.

The MediaStar Systems range serves the corporate, retail, publishing, hospitality, sports, healthcare, educational, and government sectors, amongst others, and delivers robust versatility and scalability in a comprehensive hardware and software solution.

MediaStar Systems is headquartered in Newbury, UK with offices in New Jersey and Hong Kong. Further information about MediaStar Systems can be found at https://mediastarsystems.com/