Corporate Case Studies

Maximum Flexibility, Speed, and Security are Key Considerations for Mission Critical Clients

In this case study, global AV/IT/security/medical equipment consulting firm, Shen, Milsom & Wilke LLC, discuss the advantages of using Utelogy not only because of its remote management capabilities but also because of flexibility to integrate future technology, efficient expansion opportunities and expedited deployment and ease of use.

"I look for a stable product upon which my clients can use to expand the enterprise's build-out. It's no longer a single room design. Utelogy offers a baseline platform that can easily be expanded for growth."Ron Willis, Senior Associate, Shen, Milsom & Wilke LLC

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Command and Control

A large technology firm was looking to deploy a 6,500 square foot Command and Control Center.
The client's previous Control Center was very limited in its capabilities, so it wasn't entirely sure how it wanted to use this new center.  Because of this uncertainty, the client wanted to deploy the most flexible solution it could find that could accommodate whatever new technology the team might want to add.
You can find all of the project details here including the AV design firm that recommended Utelogy.
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Corporate Office Selects IP-Based Control For Its Flexibility

The 21st century work environment has to support a multitude of technology to enable the kind of collaborative work that is typical of today’s workforce.

With the Utelogy platform, BCCI Construction Company was able to simplify connectivity for plug and play access for both guests and employees at a 30 to 50% cost reduction.

Learn how BCCI deployed a flexible and future-proof solution for its new office space. Click here to read the full story.

Additional coverage of this deployment can be found in an article published by AV Network.

Remote Monitoring and Control for Ocean Oil Rigs

A large global Oil and Gas Company was deploying Audio Video over IP (AVoIP) technologies in multiple rooms across three oil rigs. Requirements for each room included the ability to control distribution of IP video and support audio and video conferencing technologies. The company needed a solution offering impeccable remote control functionality without the need to access a WIFI network, since these structures are all located in deep water ocean areas.

You can find all of the project details here and learn more about remote control on oil rig deployments.
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