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Utelogy is a software platform built with an open-architecture and open-standards, we take in being hardware-agnostic. The ability to connect and integrate with everything else in the network enables organizations to make intelligent business decisions for today and to position for the future.

A utelligent Device is any type of equipment that has the following capabilities:

  • LAN Control - RS-232/Serial, IR, or Relay are not considered Utelligent.
  • Uses Secure Protocols – i.e., SSH, HTTPS, Web Sockets
  • Robust API - A wide array of intelligence is delivered, particularly on the reporting side with the ability to provide information such as temperature, fan speed, signal sync, input status, physical connectivity, etc.
  • Intelligent Responses – For example, when the device is queried, the response delivered is "Temperature=22", rather than simply replying back "22".
  • Delivers Unsolicited Status Updates - If the state of the device changes, it tells Utelogy without Utelogy needing to query or request that data.
  • Multi-Socket Connectivity - Supporting multiple concurrent socket connections to the same port of a device allows for scenarios when multiple platforms can communicate with the same device at the same time. For instance, Utelogy could communicate with a device to deliver management and monitoring, while an existing control platform is communicating with it as well.

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