Executive Team

Kevin Morrison, CEO

Kevin has held senior international management roles in the IT hardware and software market and professional AV markets for more than 25 years. He brings vast global experience with the investment community and management of high-growth technology companies. He was formerly the CEO of Endeleo, Executive VP of AMX, Senior VP of Harman Professional and is CEO of Integritas Ventures, a global team of industry specialists supporting new technology companies in the IT & AV industry. 

Kevin is a Business Studies graduate from Ealing College, WLU. He is an avid road cyclist and skier. He is a passionate about the training of young people in the Professional AV market and allied industries to encourage and fuel innovation.

Frank Pellkofer, Co-Founder and President

With years of prior entrepreneurial leadership in AV solutions, service and innovation, and relentless customer focus at Pellkofer Irwin Associates, and as CEO at Integrated Network Communications, Inc., Frank brings a “can do and will do” approach to Utelogy.

Frank has a knack for seeing opportunities and then developing the partnerships and relationships that turn them into reality. An entrepreneur at heart, he brings people together to see possibilities, engages them in collaborating, and lends such a high level of attentiveness that throughout the entire creative process, they feel heard, supported, and empowered to get what they need. Couple that with his passion for customer service and delivering a world-class experience and you’ve got the ingredients for a highly-responsive, customer-focused organization.

Frank loves creating something where nothing existed before. Whether it’s a new paradigm for delivering AV systems and services, a nice dinner created with family and friends, or a group of musicians making music, in each case, a group of people come together to create something better than the sum of its parts. That’s fun and powerful. That’s Frank.

Frank and his family live in California’s wine country, where an appreciation for remarkable creativity plays out in the kitchen with family and friends and at local events as the mandolin player with The Smokehouse Gamblers.

Jonathan Mangnall, Managing Director EMEA

Jonathan's passion for solving technology and business challenges has helped him build and lead world-class sales and marketing teams that understand and care about the needs and challenges of the customer.  His goal is to help grow and nurture meaningful, mutually beneficial and profitable relationships with clients and strategic partners, with the aim of simplifying the way they interact with the technology around them.

Jonathan has worked in senior management within global organizations in Europe and Asia Pacific and prior to joining Utelogy, he ran HARMAN Professional's enterprise business in EMEA.

Jim Sebring, Chief Technology Officer

With a career spanning over three decades, Jim has established himself as a leader in developing advanced IoT and hardware monitoring solutions. His expansive knowledge covers a wide spectrum, including audiovisual technology, building management systems, physical security, and life-critical systems, which he has successfully developed and integrated for some of the world’s most prominent enterprises.

As Chief Technology Officer for Utelogy, Jim leads the effort to build next generation IoT management solutions to improve business operations through the adoption of modern, cloud-based architectures. His strategic initiatives focus on increasing system reliability, scalability, security, and efficiency, thereby enabling companies to excel in today's fast-evolving digital landscape.

Jim's passion for technology extends beyond his professional life. He continually explores and experiments with emerging technologies, consistently pushing the boundaries of possibilities.

Outside of work, Jim enjoys the outdoors, often spending his free time camping, fishing, or wine tasting with friends and family.

Jeff Fillbrandt, Vice President of Technical Operations

With extensive hands-on experience in Audio Visual and Unified Communications, Jeff has played an active role in engineering, selling and supporting solutions for more than 15 years.  With comprehensive experience in management and delivery of Technical Enablement, Pre and Post Sales Support, Pro-Services, and Project Management, he has worked with end-users and many of the top IT and AV integration firms in North America.  His technical skills and ability to nurture relationships has made him an invaluable resource as enterprises look to find technical solutions that solve business problems.  

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys travelling around the world, golfing, and boating on the many lakes near his home in Minneapolis.

Nicole Corbin, Vice President of Business Operations

Nicole is an accomplished leader in the technology industry, renowned for her expertise in driving business operations across diverse sectors including healthcare, SaaS, and autonomous vehicles. With a proven track record in bringing consumer-centric products from concept to market, Nicole excels in operational efficiency and strategic marketing.

Throughout her career, Nicole has transitioned from a front-end developer to a multifaceted expert in product management, design, and marketing. Her educational foundation in graphic and web design laid the groundwork for her comprehensive understanding of user experience, which she has skillfully applied to scale operations. Nicole's passion for marketing and design is matched by her commitment to cybersecurity and product research, making her a dynamic force in the software and technology landscape. Her operational acumen ensures that business strategies are not only customer-aligned but also market-relevant and secure.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Nicole enjoys a rich personal life. She loves spending quality time with her family and friends, hiking with her dog, exploring photography, and indulging her culinary skills.