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Cisco Telepresence Touch Integration

Cisco Telepresence Touch is a friendly, well-known interface to control the Cisco video conference experience.

The Utelogy audio-visual management, analytics and control software provides easy integration with Cisco Telepresence Touch 10 devices. With Utelogy, users can configure a Cisco Touch 10 device and supported Cisco Codec and integrate those devices with Utelogy’s U-Manage software to manage and monitor the AV components of a room.  Users can enjoy a seamless AV experience using one Cisco Touch 10 panel for all technology in the room and organizations are able to do this on their own, without proprietary programming.

How It Works

The Touch 10 is a touchscreen tablet which is easy to configure as a controller device when used in conjunction with a supported Cisco Codec. It uses the concept of Widgets which are UI components with a specific type of functionality. The available widgets include: toggle buttons, sliders, spinners, group buttons and more. Using the configurator capabilities of Utelogy's U-Console application, you can easily map the functionality of the Touch 10 Widgets to the actions and events of other devices and features that are installed into the AV room.

With the Utelogy platform, a technician can set up most rooms in a matter of minutes, which eliminate costly programming and puts the users in control as they can get their rooms up and running very quickly.  With most enterprises having 100+ rooms, this solution scales easily for rapid deployment.

In addition, when any devices are connected in this room system, every room and every device will then connect to U-Manage as well to provide remote management. Now operations teams can gather analytics on those rooms and the equipment usage within the room for data-driven decisions.

How It Works

While it is possible to integrate most control solutions into the Cisco Telepresence Touch panel, those solutions require extensive proprietary programming.  When deploying this at scale across an enterprise, the costs and time required to update these systems to deliver a consistent user interface becomes prohibitive for many organizations.

The key benefits to Utelogy’s Cisco Telepresence touch integration include:

  • Ability to deliver complete AV system control from the Cisco Touch 10 panel
  • Simple configuration rather than programming for cost effective, rapid deployment
  • Deliver a seamless AV experience
  • Integrate additional room technology for one-button start-up
  • Gather Cisco Touch 10 management, monitoring and analytics data from Utelogy’s U-Manage

How to Integrate Cisco Touch 10 with Utelogy

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