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Utelogy Training Roundup – what did our survey participants say in 2021?

Learn what the participants in the 2021 Utelogy Training Courses had to say At Utelogy we take our ability to offer quality Utelogy Training sessions very seriously. We understand the importance of being well educated on our solution and its benefits. Because of this, Utelogy’s goal is to empower our users to create custom dashboards, […]

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Utelogy acquires IoT management platform CloudThinQ

Utelogy to provide deeper analytics and insight capabilities in 2022 with the management of IoT based devices Utelogy moves beyond the conference room and acquires CloudThinQ. CloudThinQ is the Seattle-based innovative, provider of IoT and real-time device management for the workplace. Remote and hybrid workspaces have turned into the “new normal”. Enterprises are transforming their […]

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2020 Utelogy Training Roundup

2020 Training featured image

Learn what the participants in the 2020 Utelogy Training Courses had to say. We all agree 2020 was a very interesting year for the workplace as a whole. With people not able to physically go into the office and the majority working from home, Utelogy saw an uptick in training attendees over the last year. […]

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Honored to Take Home 3 Awards

In case you missed it, we brought home 3 awards from ISE 2019.  All of these awards are special and we’re honored to be selected in each case.AVNation Reader’s Choice Awards This award is very near and dear to our hearts as this award is a Reader’s Choice—and you voted for us!  As with all the […]

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Utelogy 2.0.3 Release with UVF, U-Schedule and U-Access

This webinar introduces all the latest changes to Utelogy including Utelogy Visual Framework (UVF).  UVF provides a building block system of Components and Themes to allow organizations to build their own world-class user-interfaces to control, manage and monitor their AV devices on the Utelogy Platform.   What Else is New?U-Schedule U-Schedule allows for calendar integration with Google […]

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A Deeper Look Into The Work of the Future

While agile software development goes back more than 30 years, the concept of agile is being deployed across many parts of the business.  Its advantages in delivering increased collaboration, rapid delivery, reduced cost structure, and improved employee morale are some of the reasons more and more companies are adapting the agile methodology across the company. At […]

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