Utelogy AVaaS

Utelogy AV Services Portal for Integrators (AVaaS—AV-as-a-Service)


The AV world is changing and changing rapidly. Shrinking hardware margins mean AV Integrators have to search for new revenue opportunities.

AV Services are the perfect way for Integrators to:

[list_modern animation=”” style=”1″] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Make their business more competitive
[/list_modern_item] [list_modern_item title=”” icon=”no”] Reduce customer churn with higher valued services
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Offering monthly managed services contracts for your clients delivers an ongoing revenue stream for your business and helps you set the stage for longer-term customer relationships.

The Utelogy AV Services Portal helps AV Integrators deliver new and higher margin recurring revenue services.

Utelogy’s AVaaS Portal Enables Pro-Active Maintenance for Enhanced Customer Experience

Pro-Active Maintenance to Minimize Downtime

At the end of the day, the user experience is what counts. Utelogy’s platform allows for ‘across the enterprise’ visibility and remote access so you can provide clients with pro-active maintenance to address and fix issues before they happen.

Planning Classroom Technology

The Utelogy portal can be used to prepare equipment usage reports to assist with technology planning. These reports enable AV Integrators to deliver higher value services to set the stage for longer-term customer relationships. With these reports and some analysis, integrators can eliminate the need to over-engineer rooms and enable real-time planning for a more efficient operation which their customers will appreciate.

Remote Help Desk and Support

AV Integrators can now offer instant video help desk with remote support and diagnostics for faster and more cost effective problem resolution. Higher-margin services like these are easier to leverage and scale across multiple clients to position yourself as a valuable partner in your clients’ ongoing success.

For more information on the Utelogy AV-as-a-Service Portal, click here.