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Anders+Kern partners with Utelogy to bring proactive Management and Monitoring to the modern workplace

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Anders+Kern (A+K), a leading UK workplace technology distributor, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Utelogy, a visionary provider of management, monitoring, automation, and analytics software for the connected workspace. This exciting collaboration signifies a major milestone in A+K’s mission to deliver cutting-edge workplace technology solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses across the UK.

Utelogy: Transforming Digital Workspaces with Intelligence

Utelogy Corporation publishes an enterprise-grade software platform for managing, monitoring, controlling, and automating audio visual, unified communications, and IoT devices. This hardware- agnostic platform revolutionises productivity for end-users and enables advanced services for integrators and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s). With Utelogy, organisations can make data- driven decisions and empower their support teams to deliver world-class, enterprise-grade services with unparalleled efficiency.

Optimizing AV and IT Resources with Utelogy

The Utelogy platform provides modern workplaces, a host of benefits:

  • Remote Management: Utelogy’s platform empowers users with the ability to manage and control AV/UC systems from anywhere, streamlining support and enhancing system availability.
  • Proactive Monitoring & Self-Healing: Through advanced monitoring, Utelogy detects potential issues before they escalate, and with its automation capabilities, it can self-correct many common problems, reducing downtime and enhancing the user experience.
  • ROI: Utelogy is designed for straightforward deployment, eliminating complex programming costs. This user-friendly approach accelerates adoption and delivers a superior return on investment by reducing the need for frequent technical interventions. Gain access to powerful analytics for data driven decisions.
  • Sustainability & Energy Efficiency: Utelogy’s advanced automations not only enhance system functionality but also intelligently manage energy consumption. By optimising equipment usage and turning off unused devices, the platform contributes to significant energy savings, reducing both operational costs and the environmental footprint.

As a trusted distributor specialising in IoT and workspace software and hardware solutions, A+K has consistently delivered innovative technologies that optimise digital workspaces and drive business success. The partnership with Utelogy underscores A+K’s dedication to offering top-tier solutions that align with the evolving needs of modern workplaces.

Commenting on the new partnership, Anders+Kern Managing Director, Barrie Meehan said: “We’re excited about our partnership with Utelogy, a collaboration that perfectly aligns with our mission to deliver innovative workplace technology solutions. With Utelogy’s platform, we’re confident that our customers can change the landscape of how AV and IT solutions, including our existing meeting room panels, desk booking systems, sensors, and a wide range of general AV products, are managed. Our clients and their customers can look forward to a future where digital workspaces are optimised to their fullest potential.”

With Utelogy’s platform, A+K empowers its partners and customers to embrace the future of workplace technology with confidence.

“With their vast experience in providing the AV, UC and IT Channel with the latest Digital Workplace Innovations, Utelogy are delighted to be forming this strategic partnership with A+K. This allows all existing A+K customers instant access to the full Utelogy platform including Professional Services and Technical Support” commented Jamie Wright, Utelogy’s Sales Manager for UK and Ireland.