About Us

Who is Utelogy?

Utelogy is a leading provider of Intelligent Management, Monitoring and Software that delivers analytics and control to the fast-moving world of AV and Unified Communications. Utelogy helps organizations make data-driven decisions and empowers support organizations to deliver world class, enterprise grade service more efficiently.

The Utelogy platform is used to manage the simplest of technology in collaboration rooms and classrooms/learning spaces through to the evolving world of Intelligent Buildings and complex IoT environments

Why Do We Do It?

As the demographic in the workplace changes, we recognize the need to meet the enhanced expectations of the new breed of technology users. Our business is driven by a passion to make life simple for our customers whose daily objective is to maximize productivity of its users through workplace technology. With innovation at the heart of our business, the Utelogy team loves to challenge the norm and change the paradigm.

In the Enterprise environment, the initial cost of technology typically represents only 30% of the total lifetime costs of deployment. Our role is to dramatically reduce the other 70% during its life-cycle.

How We Do It

To meet these goals of increased efficiency, reduced costs and outstanding user experience, our customers need efficient real time data to make smarter decisions and intelligent automation and monitoring tools that deliver actionable analytics to remedy and predict technology issues and deliver it on a single pane of glass.
Our solution is a hardware agnostic, open architecture and open standards software system that can sit side by side with your other business platforms and tools and provide unrivaled intelligence and operational insight.

Utelogy is used by some of the world’s leading service providers and organisations in government, education and corporate.

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