Utelogy Training Roundup – what did our survey participants say in 2021?

Learn what the participants in the 2021 Utelogy Training Courses had to say

At Utelogy we take our ability to offer quality Utelogy Training sessions very seriously. We understand the importance of being well educated on our solution and its benefits. Because of this, Utelogy’s goal is to empower our users to create custom dashboards, reports, automated test scripts and more. Because of this, we offer a comprehensive 2.5 day training every month. During these interactive sessions our instructors show you all aspects of the platform, go through test scenarios, and answer any of your questions.

We recommend all participants who sign up for the Utelogy Training session to review our online Thinkific content ahead. As a result, this prepares you with a baseline understanding of who we are and what the platform is capable of doing. When the monthly session is completed, the instructors ask attendees to complete an online training survey. Consequently, this type of feedback helps teach our instructors and support staff what our customers are looking for. We make sure all feedback is reviewed and we enhance our training program based on your comments and input. We appreciate everybody who takes a few extra moments out of their day to provide us with feedback.

Utelogy’s online training statistics 

In 2020 we saw a major uptick in people attending our online sessions due to the fact they were stuck at home and had a bit more time to commit. This past year we didn’t have quite as many participants as people started migrating back to the office. Utelogy wants to ensure the people participating in our trainings are getting the most value possible, and we are eager to enhance these sessions where we can throughout 2022.

Utelogy is pleased to receive feedback from 66 of the participants who decided to partake in our survey. Data from the survey has been presented in the infographic below. We look forward to more attendees in 2022!

Q: How would you rate your instructor’s knowledge of the material? 

Over 95% of respondents answered either excellent or very good

One participant commented:

“Dan was an excellent trainer with patience and his knowledge in the AV realm when it comes to designing AV systems is stellar. Learned a lot from Utelogy and may work on several projects in the future, thanks for the awesome training.”

Q: How relevant was the Utelogy Training material?

Nearly all survey participants found the content of the training to be relevant to their job roles. Not only that, our instructors taught them what they were expecting to learn.

One participant commented:

“This course could be a week long! Seriously, it was like sipping from a fire-hose! But all excellent info and downloadable assets / training materials to help us out later… and when in doubt, call/email Daniel! :-)”


Q: Do you feel equipped with the knowledge to use the Utelogy Platform?

An astounding 86% of participants feel like they understand the platform after attending the 2.5 day training. Therefore they are able to implement what they learned in their own environment.

One participant commented:

“Very Helpful, I can see how it could be difficult for a student that does not have adequate experience in the field. Some of the more advanced design is tough for me and I am more experienced than most in my organization. Basic room design difficulty looks to be reasonable for new users to Utelogy. Moreover, I would like to experiment with it at our offices to get into the details and real testing scenarios. Thanks!”

2021 utelogy training infographic

The team at Utelogy would like to thank all of those who were able to attend a training course over the last year and for those of you who participated in our survey to provide us with valuable feedback.

If you would like to sign up for a future Utelogy training session please find all of the relevant information including dates and prerequisites here

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