Enabling The Intelligent Enterprise

Remote Monitoring and Management, Support, Analytics and Control

Why IT Departments Choose Utelogy

When it comes to AV control and management, IT Departments and users are frustrated
with hard to use, expensive, proprietary technology. Utelogy puts you in complete control.

Lower Costs

Virtualized and hosted on your
network for cost-savings and security.

Enterprise Application Integration

Allows you to consolidate and
coordinate AV and IT resources.

User Experience

Delivers AV control
that’s easy to use.

Reduced up-front Investment

Runs on computers you already
have, saving you money.

Fast Implementation

Software-based, easy to install,
configure and manage.

Unique Scalability

Network-smart so you can
do anything from anywhere.

Versatility At Its Best

Discover how Utelogy has helped Corporate, Education and Government
introduce unprecedented efficiencies and business intelligence.


Increase Collaborative Productivity While
Reducing Costs

With global and remote workforces, it’s more important than ever for companies to collaborate and communicate as effectively as possible.

∞  Boardrooms

∞  Collaboration Systems

∞  Conference Rooms

∞  Network Operations Centers

∞  Video Conferencing


Faster Implementation, Easier Support At Much Lower Costs

To remain competitive, schools need a cost-effective way to enhance the communication tools they provide to faculty and students.

∞  Smart Classrooms

∞  Collaboration Systems

∞  Auditoriums

∞  Telepresence

∞  Theaters


Integrate Enterprise Applications And Devices In A Centralized Platform

Command and operations center teams need to quickly share mission-critical information in
real-time so the right resources are engaged.

∞  Conference Rooms        

∞  Collaboration Systems

∞  Command Centers         

∞  Emergency Operation Centers

∞  Video Conferencing

Learn how easy the Utelogy platform is to use

And how you can apply it to your own environment.

Software Defined AV:
Liberate Your Enterprise!

Download this Utelogy white paper to
learn how a software-defined AV
strategy can liberate your enterprise.

How Utelogy
Delivers Results

Check out how Utelogy has delivered control
and so much more. Download the
University of Toledo case study.

What customers are saying

"With a traditional hardware system, we would have had to forecast what we needed to a much greater degree than we did with Utelogy. It gave us the freedom to expand in the areas where we need it. Being able to integrate Utelogy into our existing software systems and computers and being able to manage it has been a big help."

Chris Helgren
Sonoma County Fire and Emergency Services Department

"It allows us to deliver better utilization of classroom real estate and understand how many students were being served by that technology."

Jorge Mata
Los Angeles Community College District

You’re in good hands!

Our Awards and Recognition

Best AV Control of 2018

TNT Award–Network Management Solutions–U-Manage

2019 Best of Show Awards–U-Manage