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The Utelogy platform is used to manage anything from the simplest of technology in collaboration rooms and classrooms/learning spaces to the evolving world of Intelligent Buildings and complex IoT environments

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Utelogy integrates with ServiceNow to streamline IT Estate Management

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What is Utelogy?

Monitor & Manage

Alert and send notifications when devices are not behaving as expected in real-time.  Manage your entire estate, provide asset data, software/firmware updates, warranties etc.

Report & Record

Report device statistics: locations, utilization, occupancy, and performance.


Remotely control devices, run test scripts, automate room readiness with self healing triggers, and in-room control.

Why choose Utelogy

Utelogy is a software based platform which aims to improve your overall user experience, reduce downtime, and save your company from costly expenses.

Reduce Total Cost of Operation (TCO)

  • Reduce staffing levels
  • No programming costs
  • Narrow fault isolation
scale and install

Scale and Speed of Installation

  • Increased installation speed
  • Remote configuration
  • Improved project control

Usage and Analytics - Device Agnostic

  • Equipment utilization
  • Trends and analytics
  • Room booking insights

Asset Management

  • All room and asset information
  • Store room drawings, room plans, diagrams
  • Comprehensive event log
  • Driver metrics, firmware versions, warranty information, etc. 

Utelogy makes it easy and accessible to manage your entire AV estate under a single pane of glass. Manage all assets on your network, regardless of manufacturer. Gain valuable insights and analytics, view all device metrics, check firmware versions, receive alerts and notifications, and much more.

Asset Management

Learn how easy the Utelogy Platform is to use

Discover how Utelogy has helped Corporate, Education and Government
introduce unprecedented efficiencies and business intelligence.

Room Readiness, Automation & Self-Healing

  • Increase room uptime
  • Reduce cost of support staff
  • Remove need for manual checks
  • Improved user experience

With Utelogy’s U-Automate feature you are able to schedule automation tests without needing to know how to code. With our easy-to-use drag and drop script builder, create scripts, schedule tests, and check the health of your entire AV estate. Receive alerts and notifications if there are any issues and view comprehensive test logs. 

U-Automate room ready

Better utilization of classroom real estate

Jorge Mata - CIO - Los angeles community college district

"It allows us to deliver better utilization of classroom real estate and understand how many students were being served by that technology."

Dashboard and analytics

Advanced Analytics  & Custom Dashboards

  • Visualize room and device usage 
  • Get an overview of your entire estate
  • See all current alerts
  • Add filters and export data

The U-Manage Platform allows you to view your data how you want. With our fully customizable dashboard tool, you can build and share as many dashboards as you with with other U-Manage users at your company. See real-time analytics, add filters, and even export your data in all common formats. 

It gave us the freedom to expand in the areas where we need it

Chris Helgren - deputy emergency service coordinator - sonoma county fire and emergency services department

"With a traditional hardware system, we would have had to forecast what we needed to a much greater degree than we did with Utelogy. It gave us the freedom to expand in the areas where we need it. Being able to integrate Utelogy into our existing software systems and computers and being able to manage it has been a big help."

Room Configuration & Room Control

  • In-room touch panel control
  • Remote control
  • Standardize a control theme for every office space in your entire estate

U-Control is the interface that delivers Utelogy to your users, enabling them to easily collaborate with a personalized experience. It connects the user to devices and applications to deliver rich and productive collaboration. Built on common web technology standards, U-Control enables ubiquitous access for your users through any web-enabled device with a screen, including any computer, tablet or smart phone.

U-Control with Zoom Rooms

Software Defined AV:
Liberate Your Enterprise!

Download this Utelogy white paper to
learn how a software-defined AV
strategy can liberate your enterprise.

How Utelogy
Delivers Results

Check out how Utelogy has delivered control
and so much more. Download the
University of Toledo case study.

You’re in good hands!

Our Awards and Recognition

Best of show 2020

2020 Best of Show Awards: U-Automate

Best AV Control of 2018

TNT Award–Network Management Solutions–U-Manage

2019 Best of Show Awards: U-Manage

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