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Technical FAQs and Resources

Does Utelogy require any hardware?
No. Utelogy is a pure software solution that simply runs on a computer. And because it’s an open platform, you can use a computer of your choosing. Often this is a computer that you already have, or an inexpensive tablet, desktop or other computer you can buy from many sources.
How does Utelogy talk to devices and equipment?
Utelogy communicates over the network/intranet to provide control and management from anywhere. Some equipment already has a network jack that simply plugs into the network, allowing Utelogy to control and monitor it. For devices that don’t have network capability, they can easily be network enabled with a low-cost device such as those from Global Cache. As long as your device is controllable via Serial, IR, Contact Closure, USB or a built-in network jack, Utelogy can control it.
What equipment does Utelogy support?
Utelogy supports any manufacturer make & model of equipment, so long as that equipment provides some type of control interface, which just about all equipment does. We provide this through a small “driver” file that provides all the know-how to control and monitor any particular device. Utelogy is committed to unified interoperability with all equipment and software vendors.
What kind of network do I need?
Utelogy works on any IP enabled network, such as the internet or your own internal network. Utelogy works on VLANs, VPNs, and Private and Public networks. With a simple yet secure protocol, Utelogy makes no impact on your network. Simply put, if your network can browse to the internet (and we know it can, ’cause you’re reading this!), you can run Utelogy.
Do I have to know how to program to use Utelogy?
No. Utelogy requires no programming. Simply install Utelogy on your computer and walk through the easy setup wizard. Then use the Configurator to point and click your way to making your AV control system work the way you want it to.
How can I learn more?
We’d be glad to answer any questions you have and work with you to see how Utelogy can meet your particular AV Control and Management needs. Probably the best place to start is with a web demonstration where you can see Utelogy in action and learn about the key features and benefits.

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