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AV Control To Give Your Company A Competitive Edge

Coud Connection ImageWith global and remote workforces, it’s even more important for companies to be able to work together and communicate as effectively as possible. While the telephone and video conference calling provide sufficient communication, we need better technology to enable real-time collaboration.

Utelogy’s Software-Defined AV Control and Management makes it easy for your business to deploy high-tech equipment that your people can and will use, at the ROI you expect. Because it connects to the IT network you’ve already deployed and uses the same interfaces your team already knows, it just makes good sense.

The Utelogy platform delivers a simple-to-use interface so employees with limited technical knowledge can launch and actively participate in real-time meetings, even in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment.

Benefits to the business include:

  • Lower equipment costs with effective asset management.
  • Enhanced collaboration between remote teams and offices.
  • Track effectiveness and usage of AV equipment through management reports.
  • Support your corporate Green initiative that limits your carbon footprint with reduced travel.

Utelogy is flexible and seamless to deploy–a system so easy that it makes interactive, collaborative presentation fun and empowering. Built on standards, openness and with future-flexibility, you can deploy and manage AV the way it should be, the way you want.

Imagine the AV systems you want to deploy and that people want to use… it’s now possible, without limits.

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