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Centralized AV Management

U-Manage is the management portal that provides enterprise-wide visibility to rooms, equipment, issues, performance, and usage. As the heartbeat of the system, every click is recorded in here to provide reporting and intelligence to deliver improved management of your rooms and equipment over time.

U-Manage Screen Shot

U-Manage provides the following:

  • Remote management to configure and upgrade rooms.
  • Asset management including warranty information and service records.
  • Proactive sweeps and instant notification of device or equipment failures or lost connectivity.
  • Monitor equipment status, health and performance across your implementation.
  • Share resources such as room schedules and directories for a coordinated and effective use of your entire system.
  • Usage reports so you can understand equipment utilization and plan your maintenance and upgrades.
  • Host multiple-rooms in a server-based environment for easy roll out, upgrade and management.
  • Document management to track engineering drawings, technical specifications, configuration files, or any other documents you need.
  • Help ticket tracking and reporting.
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