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Video Help is “One-Touch” AwayU Help

With the U-Help integrated help desk, you can eliminate running across campus or across town to handle issues that can be resolved immediately and remotely. Now the team can spend valuable time on more important things, like designing and deploying its AV strategy.

“In a typical AV deployment, 80% of the help calls can be resolved remotely…usually within several minutes.”


U-Help Overview


With U-Help you can:

  • Instantly communicate privately and discreetly using Video, Voice and Chat putting the user at ease knowing that you are immediately available to resolve any issues.
  • Quickly diagnose and verify the status and health of every piece of equipment in the room. Monitor activity, connectivity, and configuration to understand and resolve the situation.
  • Remotely control the room to provide an enhanced level of experience, including concierge services.
  • Automatically log call information and track resolution status with its integrated ticket system. Understand and manage issues while monitoring and controlling help desk resources.


Other U-Help Stations

For many institutions, the technology used to deliver U-Help can be used to deliver a myriad of other services.

To engage with students to provide information, training, counseling or whatever the situation dictates, Utelogy U-Help stations enable communication and collaboration between parties.  Utelogy allows for soft video help desk to support services from a main campus to remote sites.  Students can step up to a PC and press the “Counseling” button and within seconds can be assisted by a live person.

The Utelogy technology allows other materials or resources to be presented and shared, further enhancing a rich, engaging interaction with a student or remote user. 

Applications that can be supported via this technology include:

  • Remove AV Help Desk
  • Remote Counseling
  • Remote Librarian
  • 911 Emergency Calls

This is a just a sampling of the services available today.  Various other support services can be enabled with this technology.

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