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Utelogy is an integrated AV eco-system of software components that are ready-to-use upon installation. U-Console is the integrated tool suite from Utelogy that allows you to fully provision, deploy, manage and configure your entire AV eco-system.




Utelogy is totally configurable…there is no programming involved. The Configurator tool connects to the control system over the network so you can configure it from anywhere. The Configurator allows you a diversity of options so you can make your AV control system work the way you want it to. And you can always come back and make changes to the configuration.

U-Control is equipped with icons representing the various pieces of equipment available in the room. Its friendly interface is easy to use with a minimal learning curve. Delivering a familiar and consistent interface throughout your rooms is now easy to achieve.


  • Provision – The U-Server management tool allows you to provision as many rooms as needed. With rich diagnostic feedback, you can also quickly assess the operational status of any room.
  • Configure – The U-Configure tool allows you to customize each room to specify the equipment, how it’s organized, controlled, switched, etc. and how it should appear and interact on the U-Control user interface.
  • Test – The U-Test Tool gives you low-level visibility and control to room deployments for easy testing and verification as well as rapid diagnosis of any issues.
  • Utilities – A variety of tools and utilities to help you with any AV related task at hand.

Because Utelogy is completely network enabled, you can use these tools from anywhere, making remote management and support a reality.

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