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Pure-software solution for control and management of your AV systems.

The Utelogy platform is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use and easy-to-support technology. Utelogy is a flexible single platform solution for Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, Video Conferencing, Smart Classrooms, Auditoriums, Emergency Operations Centers and other facilities that require AV-powered communication.

Low-cost and scalable, Utelogy delivers strategic benefits that allow you to leverage your existing IT / AV infrastructure:

  • Runs on computers that you already have
  • Software-based so it’s easy to install, configure and manage
  • Network-smart so you can do anything from anywhere
  • Virtualized and hosted on your network and computers
  • Allows you to leverage common IT skills in your department
  • Consolidate and coordinate AV and IT resources
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Centralized AV Management from the Cloud

U-Manage is the management portal that provides enterprise-wide visibility to rooms, equipment, issues, performance, and usage. This is where everything is recorded and reported so you can quickly fix issues and optimize the performance of your rooms and equipment.

U-Manage provides the following:

  • Remote management of multiple rooms for easy configuration, upgrade and management.
  • Monitoring of equipment status, health and performance, delivering instant notification of any failures or lost connectivity.
  • Usage reports so you can understand equipment utilization and plan your maintenance and upgrades.
  • Shared resources such as room schedules and directories for a coordinated and effective use of your entire system.
  • Asset management including warranty information and service records.

Easy, Configurable and Flexible Room Control

U-Control is the user-friendly interface that enables your users to be effective doing their jobs instead of wrestling with technology.

Able to support just about any AV control scenario, U-Control has easy to organize common widgets for fast and flexible deployment. With the Utelogy Active Layout Templates, the user interface will automatically adjust as you add or change devices in your system.

Advantages of U-Control:

  • Totally configurable. There is no programming needed. And you can configure it from anywhere.
  • Many options let you make your AV system work the way you want it to.
  • Easily deliver a consistent intuitive user interface throughout your rooms so there are fewer user errors.
  • The device driver has all the know-how to completely control and monitor your AV equipment. If your device is plugged into the network, Utelogy can directly talk to it.
  • Deployable as a windows native version or as a web-based, HTML5 browser application.

Integrate Enterprise Applications and Devices in a Centralized Platform

U-Server allows you to use your own network for the delivery of advanced AV services, making them simple to use and easy to deploy.

  • Centralize and virtualize your entire AV eco-system for simple deployment and management.
  • Support and integrate any device or piece of equipment into your Utelogy system by adding it to the server.
  • Add rooms and AV spaces with integrated management tools that allow you to provision and configure rooms, devices, and user interfaces and seamlessly integrate them together.
  • The multi-tenant version can power hundreds of rooms in a enterprise with support for VM and standard IT infrastructure, while the stand-alone version allows you to implement a single room anywhere, even without enterprise LAN connectivity.

Resolve Help Calls Remotely in Minutes

U-Help is the integrated help desk that eliminates the need for running across campus or across town to handle issues that can be resolved immediately and remotely. Now the team can spend valuable time on more important things.

  • Instantly communicate privately and discreetly using Video, Voice and Chat putting the user at ease knowing that you are immediately available to resolve any issues.
  • Quickly diagnose and verify the status and health of every piece of equipment in the room. Monitor activity, connectivity, and configuration to understand and resolve the situation.
  • Remotely control the room to provide an enhanced level of experience, including concierge services.
  • Automatically log call information and track resolution status with its integrated ticket system. Understand and manage issues while monitoring and controlling help desk resources.
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See how Utelogy is the solution for your school’s unique needs.