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Frank Pellkofer, Co-Founder & CEO

With years of prior entrepreneurial leadership in AV solutions, service and innovation, and relentless customer focus at Pellkofer Irwin Associates, and as CEO at Integrated Network Communications, Inc., Frank brings a “can do and will do” approach to Utelogy.

Frank has a knack for seeing opportunities and then developing the partnerships and relationships that turn them into reality. An entrepreneur at heart, he brings people together to see possibilities, engages them in collaborating, and lends such a high level of attentiveness that throughout the entire creative process, they feel heard, supported, and empowered to get what they need. Couple that with his passion for customer service and delivering a world-class experience and you’ve got the ingredients for a highly-responsive, customer-focused organization.

Frank loves creating something where nothing existed before. Whether it’s a new paradigm for delivering AV systems and services, a nice dinner created with family and friends, or a group of musicians making music, in each case, a group of people come together to create something better than the sum of its parts. That’s fun and powerful. That’s Frank.

Frank and his family live in California’s wine country, where an appreciation for remarkable creativity plays out in the kitchen with family and friends and at local events as the mandolin player with The Smokehouse Gamblers.

Scott McGarrigle, Co-Founder, President & CTO

Even before earning a double degree in Mathematics and Physics from the University of California at Irvine, Scott had been working with computers and technology from a young age. Couple that with a career that started with the Space Shuttle program and then add 20+ years of software projects he delivered as CEO of Applied Knowledge, Inc. and you’ve got someone that knows how to bring a technical vision to life.

Scott has a straightforward combination of tech-savvy problem solving, a sense of humor, and the ability to easily communicate with people– no matter how technical (or not) their background. He has the uncanny ability to listen beyond what people are actually asking for, to get them to think in terms of new, innovative solutions. And as CTO, he is driving the products and solutions that are helping to deliver the next generation of AV possibilities.

Scott is driven by a fundamental philosophy: “What’s available today is just the status quo. I’m more interested in where you want to go, and what it takes to get you there. We’ll go as far as you want to go… together.”

The creative nature and passion for innovation shows up in Scott’s life at work, as well has his personal life, where you may find him adventuring and traveling with his wife and children, or performing on stage with his band.

Bill Tinnel, Vice President of Technical Sales

As a lifelong technologist, Bill began his career with the United States Navy and General Dynamics operating and installing nuclear power systems on submarines. He then migrated to the AV industry working in design, fabrication, and installation. Bill moved on to sales and sales management with AV systems integrators and consulting firms. In addition to several industry credentials, Bill holds a BS in Technology from Excelsior College in Albany, NY and a J.D. from the Rutgers School of Law, in Newark, NJ.


Randall Dockery, Vice President, Customer Solutions

Randall Dockery has almost 30 years experience in operations and project planning. His extensive background in project management, supply chain management and continuous improvement roles with manufacturing companies and start-ups positions him well to design our partner and customer experience.

With his immense attention to detail, Randall has helped his previous employers attain tremendous growth and success.

Randall is also a dedicated member of the community where he sits on the board and executive committee of a state-wide chapter that aligns with local schools and charity organizations to support and advance members of the community.

Joey D’Angelo, Vice President, Design and Engineering

With almost 20 years experience and more than 550 projects, Joey has spent his entire career immersed in designing and implementing large scale technology projects including telecommunications, audiovisual systems engineering, acoustics, security and program management.  After almost 18 years at Charles M. Salter Associates, Inc. in San Francisco, CA, D’Angelo then joined QSC where he engaged with end-users to develop systems solutions.

Joey holds a BS in Industrial Technology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.


Giang “Jimmy” Ho, Vice President of Product Development

Giang “Jimmy” Ho comes to Utelogy with more than 20 years experience with a broad range of skills after working with both multi-billion dollar organizations and start-ups.  With his career focused in business and IT strategy and optimization, Jimmy works to develop and build team members as he intelligently manages and empowers each member to contribute to their full potential.

At age 23, Jimmy was the Director of Operations for Orion Hanel, then the largest foreign company in Vietnam.  After migrating to America in the 1990s, he co-founded a couple of businesses in the service industry, joined a start-up in information security, then served as Senior IT personnel for a very large financial services organization in Orange County, CA.

His philosophy: “Regardless of what you are into or doing, be the best at it because you can never lose. I either win or learn a valuable lesson”.

In addition to undergraduate studies in economics and information technology, Jimmy holds an MA in Leadership from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT and a post-master from  Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR), New York.

Jimmy and his family reside in Orange County. Outside of work, Jimmy enjoys cooking authentic Vietnamese dishes with his wife Mylinh. volunteering with various community organizations, coaching his son’s soccer team, or you will find him on a hiking trail collecting wild edible plants.

Frank Francis George Pellkofer Jr., CFO

After graduating from Claremont Men’s College, Mr. Pellkofer followed in his father’s footsteps and spent more than ten years in the construction industry. He then took advantage of his degree in International Economics and worked for ICN Pharmaceuticals (a multinational public company) as a division Controller, Division and Group Manager and then as Acting Controller and Treasurer of its world-wide operations.

After leaving ICN, Mr. Pellkofer became a co-owner of Corporate Finance Associates, a company specializing in corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Pellkofer then moved into the dental industry as Chief Financial Officer of a newly formed public company, American Medi-Dent, which operated dental offices, dental labs, dental supply and equipment operations, and a dental HMO. Subsequently Mr. Pellkofer, as president, established Western Dental Services for the owner and grew the company from a start up to the largest dental operation in the United States with over 100 dental and orthodontic offices in multiple states and one of the largest dental HMOs in California. He then went on to own and operate his own dental business with over 50 dental and orthodontic facilities throughout California.

Mr. Pellkofer is currently owner and President of Pelco Financial, a management consulting company. He has served on the Board of Directors of the California Association of Dental Plans, American Medi-Dent, Western Dental Services, Consumer Health/Newport Dental (now Bright Now Dental), Access Dental, Associated Dental Services, Pacific Coast Dental, Integrated Network Communications and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Utelogy Corporation and West Coast Dental Services.

J. Garvin Warden, Vice President of Business StrategyJ-Garvin-Warden

With an extensive background growing and guiding businesses, Garvin seeks opportunities that allow him to build and direct opportunity for privately-owned companies and that’s exactly his role at Utelogy.

In 1988, Garvin co-founded Cornerstone Capital Advisors, Ltd (Pittsburgh, PA) which provided advice, financial management and capital to privately-held, middle-market companies.

With extensive interim CFO and CEO experience, he has created success for companies like Aptech Computer Systems, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Foreman Enterprises.

Garvin has also served as a Director on the Boards of several privately-owned companies producing computer software, construction products, and providing computer networking services.

Garvin earned a BA, liberal arts, from Denison University and an MBA from the Wharton School, Beta Gamma Sigma. He also served as Officer in Charge of an EOD diving-demolition team with Presidential Support assignments for the US Navy.